On African Safari: Attacked In San Antonio



Round two of our crazy travel schedule came to a close last week. In the last month we’ve taken a Southern Caribbean cruise, we went to Austin for SXSWi and finally to San Antonio to visit with family. But before heading off to Orlando next week I thought I’d check in with a tiny recap of our latest adventure.

Jeff Going Hungry at the Natural Bridge Wildlife RanchWhile in San Antonio we of course visited the Alamo and checked out some of San Antonio’s city life (on St. Patrick’s Day nonetheless), but we were also afforded quite a unique experience, an African Safari in the middle of Texas.

Look at That Fancy Moving Picture

I thought I’d do things a bit differently today. Instead of writing about San Antonio’s Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch, here’s a little video that I put together of the fun. Hope you like it! 🙂

PS. Watch through to the end, birds are still not Marla’s favorite thing 😉

I have fun making these videos so I’d love some feedback. Would you like to see more videos on the site or should we stick to the regularly scheduled programming with a video here and there? Let us know in the comments. 🙂


15 responses to “On African Safari: Attacked In San Antonio”

  1. Lou Cannata Avatar
    Lou Cannata

    Marla & Jeff,
    Well being “Sicilian”, loved the “Sicilian Donkey” the best, but the entire video was amazing, interesting as well as educational.

    Keep up the good work.
    Cousin, Lou 🙂

    1. Jeff Sarris Avatar

      I thought that was funny too. It wasn’t until I was compiling the video that I realized it was a Sicilian Donkey. Of course that’s the one Marla got along with best 🙂

  2. James Chartrand - Men with Pens Avatar

    Oh this is too funny – it’s like the Canadian wildlife tour we brought Peter on when he came up here to Quebec – wapiti, wild boar, deer, mountain goats, wolves, moose and foxes instead of ostrich, zebras, gnu and whatever those things were!

    Only up here, it’s the wapiti that stick their heads in cars if they don’t get carrots fast enough. Not good – teeth and antlers!

    1. Jeff Sarris Avatar

      That’s so funny! You’ve got a winter version! I think we know where we’ll be going when we come up to Canadia 😉

    2. Dave LaTulippe Avatar

      I smell a MwP team wildlife adventure in the future.

  3. Heather Allard Avatar

    Oh my gosh, what an awesome video!

    Sorry about the ostrich, Marla. LOL.

    I loved the little Sicilian Donkey, too – and I love the word “withers”. Heehee. So cute.

    Well done!

    1. Jeff Sarris Avatar

      Thanks! I think the ostrich was able to sense the fear in the drivers seat 😉

  4. Rachael Acklin Avatar

    That was AWESOME! Except for the part with the ostrich. YIKES.

    1. Marla Sarris Avatar

      Yeah Rachael, that little segment seemed like SO MUCH LONGER when it was actually happening. Notice Jeff saying “I think you should drive a little”..hehe I was completely caught off guard and frozen…didn’t know what to do 🙂

  5. Dave LaTulippe Avatar

    Yes! More videos please! You guys do a great job with these. They’re fun and educational and full of life and death kind of danger. Marla, it was tense there for a moment. You’re tiny, that blood thirsty, flesh eating beast could have swallowed you whole!

    Seriously…more vids would be great. 🙂

    1. Jeff Sarris Avatar

      If life and death kind of danger is what you like, more life and death danger it is! Now how to put Marla in harms way for the sake of our videos?…hmmm 😉

  6. Ainslie Hunter Avatar

    Love the movie – you guys must do more.

    I’m with Marla – birds aren’t my favourite creatures. As soon as I saw the Emu I started freaking out – have had a number of disagreements with said birds at BBQ’s here is Australia.

    What’s the next movie going to be about?

    1. Jeff Sarris Avatar

      Do you have up close and personal encounters with Emus on a regular basis? To have them popping in to BBQs has to be wild!

      And thanks for the feedback. So far it seems that for the most part everyone’s enjoying the videos so I think I’ll try to do them a bit more frequently. There’s no specific plans for a next video yet, but we are in Orlando right now, if anything video-worthy comes out of this trip i’ll be sure to post 🙂

  7. Ainslie Hunter Avatar

    Hey Jeff,

    Emu’s always seemed to be around at National Parks when I was kid – and that is where we had BBQs. But speaking of birds – the bush turkey’s are always around in Brisbane (where I live) and are so comfortable around humans that they are starting to want in on the BBQ action.

    Eew birds – must stop talking about them now