No one would question that I take a lot of photos (40,000+ in iPhoto right now), but I’ve always wanted to get more into video. The problem is that I’ve never taken it further than simply a want. This trip I resolved to change that.

This, our first little video, is just a simple vlog of our journey from home to London Heathrow Airport. It was an opportunity for me to get my feet wet at rapidly combining footage into something fairly cohesive. Although I want to do more video and specifically create video on this trip, it should never get in the way of actually being present and truly experiencing the vacation. Memories come first, documenting them second.

If all goes as planned this video will be a bit different than future installments where we’ll do more of a “tips from Europe first timers for Europe first timers” type series where we share little interesting things about the city and tips for anyone new to the area.

I’m looking forward to doing this more so hopefully you’ll enjoy them as much as I enjoy creating them. Anyway, enjoy our first video. 🙂


5 responses to “ORD to LHR”

  1. James Chartrand - Men with Pens Avatar

    That’s too funny. Marla’s all shy! HEE! And she kept looking up and I’m all, “What’s she looking at? A building?” Then I realized it was JEFF. (The not-leaning Tower of Pisa.)

    Since I’m an absolute video idiot and you made this look easy (but then again, you always do), might I ask what you shot this with?

    (Oooh, found a skating video. LOVE skating!)

    1. Jeff Sarris Avatar

      Ha! That’s me, the tower behind the camera! 🙂

      You actually already know what I shoot it with, my Canon SX210…you’re so buying that camera now aren’t you? 😉

      1. James Chartrand - Men with Pens Avatar

        Oh, get out. Your camera does that?! (Told you I was a noob.)

        Heheh, I’ve been noticing that lately, each time I hit a store with electronics, I slowly veer off to peruse the cameras… then say, “No no no. Not yet. Hush, you don’t need a camera yet, get out of here…”

        RUN! Run from the CAMERAS!!!!

        (Yes. I am so getting one just like yours.)

        1. Jeff Sarris Avatar

          You can try to fight it but your subconscious knows it’s time to finally get a good one. You gotta start soon too because you’re competitive, it’ll take a long time to catch up with my 40,000+ shots 😉

          1. James Chartrand - Men with Pens Avatar

            Okay, CLEARLY I am becoming far too predictable, there, Mister. “You’re competitive.” AM NOT! Just as I am NOT going to buy …

            *clutches head* I’m so screwed, aren’t I…