Perpetual negativity.

I find it interesting how some people gravitate towards perpetual negativity.

Right now there’s a plastic shield that’s loose under Marla’s car. It makes a loud rattling sound when she has her foot on the brake, but overall it’s just a nuisance more than anything. We’re going to fix it very soon, but it’s interesting to look at the different responses that we’ve received.

For the most part it’s a general concern for the vehicle. Well not for the vehicle itself, but the reliability of the vehicle, which in turn is a concern for Marla’s well-being while driving it. That’s the typical response and I quite expect it.

But then when the polar opposite is received it intrigues me. No concern, no asking of what’s wrong (or mentioning that something’s wrong in case we didn’t notice), but an instant negativity. A response along the lines of “that sounds awful” with a tone that implies “your car sucks.”

I kind of feel sorry for people who are stuck with a perpetually negative view of the world. If you’re always looking at the downsides and seeing where things in your life fall short, you’ll constantly be missing the good stuff.

Happiness comes to happy people. To live a great life you have to see the good in the life you’re living and strive to turn that good into great. I think I’m doing just fine with perpetual happiness, won’t you join me?