Happiness vs Joy

Happiness is fleeting. It’s a brief moment that’s created externally. It’s a dopamine hit.

But joy is a state of mind. Joy is ours for the taking. Joy comes from within.

To be joyful is not to be perpetually happy. The weight of life’s challenges remains, but joy can help us face hardships without becoming hardened.

Feeling joyful may in fact mean that we find ourselves laughing louder while also crying harder.

Additionally, joy posses a unique property.

Although joy originates from within, it’s also contagious.

Spending time with a joyful person can serve to brighten our darkest days. And, in that way, seeking joy for ourselves can serve both selfish and selfless ends.

Finding joy begets spreading joy.

Who’s the most joyful person that you know? Message them, let them know what they mean to you, and let’s spread more joy.