Opt Out of the Human Race

“Look at us. Running around. Always rushed. Always late. I guess that’s why they called it the human race.”

We’re always running, trying to accomplish more in less time; racing to the end. It’s easy to forget that with most everything in life, the important part isn’t the end, but the journey that we take to get there.

You may cleverly refer to life as the human race, but don’t allow yourself to believe that the goal is to reach the end.

No matter what it is in life, from the long timeline of your existence, to your short term motivations, the actual prize isn’t the end of your journey, it’s not in the finishing, it’s what you experience along the way.

Think about your favorite TV show. You loved every episode of the series and craved the ending in hopes of finally having answers for all of your questions. But then when that ending came around you were let down. Time and again people are let down, extremely disappointed and, at times, angry when the final credits roll.

Even in fictional television, the end can never measure up to the journey.

Stop running, catch your breathe, slow down to a leisurely stroll and let someone else try to win the human race. By opting out altogether, you’ve already won.