Best of

These are my personal Best of lists. Of course “best” is merely an opinion, but these are the things that have left a lasting impression on me.

There’s a long way to go to compile this list so it’s a work in progress.

Best Documentaries

30 for 30: You Don’t Know Bo (Netflix, Amazon)
This documentary is ridiculously inspirational. A film about maybe the greatest athlete of all time who went from the top of the world into obscurity nearly overnight.

Fed Up (Netflix, Amazon)
This is the place to start when sharing your health and wellness knowledge with friends and family. It’s very accessible and relatable. Those closest to you are the toughest to reach. This documentary can reach them in ways your words haven’t.

Best Podcasts

Best Podcast Episodes

The Sound of Sports 99% Invisible
This is the episode that introduced me to 99% Invisible. It’s a really interesting look into sound design, specifically faking sound in sports.

Secret Histories of Podcasting Benjamen Walker’s Theory of Everything
A really interesting look into the history of podcasting from someone who was there at the beginning. The name simply came from a throwaway sentence in an article that had to be longer. And the original podcaster saw it more as an audio diary/audio blog, than something for talented storytellers. It’s really quite amazing how the medium has grown.

The “Wizard” of Hollywood, Robert Rodriguez The Tim Ferriss Show
Prior to this interview I was already a big fan of Robert Rodriguez’s work. But this took that fandom to the next level. He’s such an inspiration.

Straight Outta Chevy Chase Radiolab
I remember listening to this on a flight. I don’t remember what made this so special, but I know I wanted to try to keep it for later. This is the only podcast episode I’ve ever bookmarked, but I have others that I simply remember because of their greatness. I’ll be adding those as they come back to mind.

Best Books

There are three books that completely changed my life. While that’s a huge claim, I wholeheartedly believe these books impacted me to the point of changing my life for the better. Those three books are The Four Hour Workweek (changed my view on the American Dream and the philosophy of life), Vagabonding (changed my view on travel), and The Primal Blueprint (changed my view on health).

Every non-fiction book on this best of list has the potential to completely shake you to your core and cause you to question your beliefs. You’ve been warned.








I’ve never been a big reader of fiction. I love when an author can wrap a message within a fictional package, as Fight Club does with philosophy. But most of my reading time is spent in the non-fiction world.