The Gateway Arch - St. Louis, MO
The Gateway Arch - St. Louis, MO

StL: Arch Nemesis (minus that nemesis part)

Hey there! It’s been a while since we’ve posted so I just wanted to welcome all of the new readers who are spending time around these parts. I see you guys looking around, so I just wanted to formally welcome each and every one of you to our little corner of the internet. It’s nice having you here :)

The past couple months we’ve been happily enjoying our Chicago summer from the comfort of our own home. Sleeping in our own bed, stepping out of the house into the hot sun, as usual we’ve really enjoyed it.

Well our traveling, as with the posting on the site, has been quite sparse during this time, but last weekend we took a tiny roadtrip down to St. Louis to spend a few days with our friends and check out some of the sights.

Do you mean the non-roadtrippers took a roadtrip? We sure did.

Why a Roadtrip? Why Now?

As you may remember, this past Spring we took a last minute cruise to the Southern Caribbean to visit one of our best friends, Chrissy, who’s currently enrolled in school in Grenada. During her time in the program she only gets to spend a couple months out of the year at home so when we heard that she was going to be heading back to the island shortly after her conference in St. Louis, we decided to take her and Mike up on their offer to join them.

So hit the road we did and we were off to St. Louis. Granted it’s only 4-5 hours away, so it’s not a major roadtrip by any means, but if you’re familiar with driving through Illinois, you know that it’s not the most scenic of travels. Prior to driving down the west coast from LA to San Diego a couple summers ago I had a very poor opinion of all roadtrips, but that coastal drive showed me that it’s not so much the driving that I dislike, but the high level of boring that surrounds Chicago in every direction. :)

But anyway, neither me nor Marla had ever been to St. Louis and it was likely our last opportunity to see Chrissy before she heads back to the island, so we hit the road for a few days.

The Gateway Arch and The City Museum

We were in St. Louis for just a few days, but we did hit up 2 attractions that we all highly recommend visiting.

First, of course, is the Gateway Arch. What can I say about the Arch except it’s one of those National Monuments that you’re probably familiar with, but can’t quite grasp it’s stunning presence until you’re directly beneath it. It’s quite the sight to see.

Then there was the City Museum. I have to admit, when Mike first sent me the link to the website I wasn’t exactly sure what the place actually was that we were visiting. It has museum in the title, but it sure didn’t look like any museum I’d ever seen.

Well that place is wild. Our friend Corri put it best when she said “I love the City Museum! We were so amazed at how many ways you can die there.” It’s really quite the place where they’ve decided to ditch the extra padding and soft edges of normal attractions and instead went ahead and built out a very organic, natural setting where adults and kids alike can have fun climbing around and doing things far from the ordinary.

In the simplest terms it’s basically a 10 story abandoned building, turned adult jungle gym. It’s very cool.

As you know I have a lot of fun putting together little videos of our various adventures, so here’s a little inside look at both the Gateway Arch and the City Museum :)

…and pardon the dirt and grime spots on the lens. I’ve put that little point and shoot camera through a lot, aside from a good cleaning πŸ˜›

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Are you a fan of roadtrips? Are there any roadtrip must-sees in your travel arsenal? Let us know in the comments.



  1. Oh Wow!

    The Arc is such an amazing architecture and design!

    I imagine your visit was a very stimulating time/space experience :)

    • Ya it was cool to see. And there’s a little ‘how they did it’ video that they play before going up to the top. Aside from the video being about 30 years old, it was interesting to see the challenges that they had in actually erecting the structure.

  2. Love it, guys! Keep em comin’. Actually, I hear you have a NYC trip scheduled? Maybe we get a little montage from that? πŸ˜‰

    Have I said how much I love this site, btw? S’awesome.